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  What is an online bookie?

An online bookie is just the same as a brick and mortar bookie. The advantages of an online bookie are better odds because there's less overheads. On the other hand with an online bookie, you may have to wait a few days to receive your winnings. Each has their own distinct benefits.

  Is my money safe?

The Gambling Commission stipulates that customer accounts need to be ring-fenced separate to business accounts. However it's up to the operator themselves whether they give customer money basic, medium or high protection. Obviously, your money is most safest in accounts with high protection, so check the fine print of the bookie that you use. It's rare that bookmakers go out of business, but it does happen, so make sure you're fully aware by reading the terms and conditions.

  Can I lose money on an online bookie?

Yes, if you play with real money, so make sure you play with only what you can afford to lose.

  What online bookie is the best?

Each online bookie has their own unique selling points. Winning Bets find the best bets and bookies offers in the UK, saving you the time and effort of finding it our for yourself.

  How old do I have be to bet online?

18. Bookies can ask for verification. Some bookies will ask for verification upon sign up.

  What can I bet on?

Sports bets and casino bets are the most popular form of betting.

  What is a risk free bet & how does it differ from a free bet?

If you make a risk free bet, and it loses, the stake will be returned back to you. This can be in cash, but is most often a free bet. Winning Bets search the web far and wide to bring you the best bookies offers in the UK.

  How do I place a bet?

Find your favourite game or sport. Decide on an amount you would like to play with, then simply place it. Your bookie will then confirm the bet.

  How do I know if a betting site is licensed and regulated?

All companies need to display their license details on their website. If you want to check the license of an online bookie, simply head to the Gambling Commission, where you can search their database for all operators.

  How do I take advantage of the betting offers available on this website?

Each bet we find at Winning Bets will be displayed with instructions. Simply follow them to take advantage of the free bet on offer.

  Can I get a sign up offer if I already have an account with the bookmaker?

No, new sign up offers stipulate that you have to be a new customer. Your account may be frozen or your bet voided if the bookie finds out you're already a customer.




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